Informed Consent Form | IRB E-Protocol: 4414

What is this study about?

You are invited to participate in a research study of memory and aging.

What is expected of me?  (Procedures) 

You will be asked to fill out questionnaires or take short tests to measure your mood, your memory, and/or daily functioning.  We may also ask you for some demographic information and a brief medical history.  You may also take a memory test that involves looking at a number of pictures and indicating which are duplicated.  Information you give us will be stored in a database available to researchers associated with the Stanford/VA Aging Clinical Research Center, and will be used to contact you to inform you of other research projects in which you may be interested.

What are the possible risks or discomforts?

The risks associated with this study include boredom or fatigue caused by filling out forms and answering questions that test your memory.

Will I benefit from the study?

The benefits that may reasonably be expected to result from this study include learning something about your own memory.

We cannot and do not guarantee or promise that you will receive any direct benefits from this study. 

What are my alternatives to being in this study?

This is not a treatment study.  Information is being collected for research purposes only. The alternative to participating would be simply not to participate.

Your decision whether or not to participate in this study will not affect your employment or medical care.

Time Involvement

Your participation in this experiment will take between 30 minutes and two hours.

To get full consent form please request admission to the study.